Rafa Nadal organized a great Instagram Live session on Monday to answer questions from fans and chat with some special guests. Rafa took the opportunity to ask for unification in these "hard times" that many families are going through due to the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic and sent a message of support to all people who are suffering the consequences of this health crisis. "There are many people who are not being able to say goodbye to their family members. This is a terrible thing, these are unimaginable moments. I can't even put myself in their shoes," Rafa said.

During his first speech, he explained the particular situation that many children and employees confined in the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar are experiencing and he emphasized the work that the Rafa Nadal Foundation is carrying out these days: "We have not stopped looking for ways to help families who are suffering the effects of this pandemic. We give them food and hygiene aid to ensure that they lack nothing in this period of high difficulty. We work to help them with everything they need, we keep in touch with them to know that they are being taken care of. In Valencia, where we have another project, we are giving them school equipment so that they can study from home because many families do not have internet.


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