Led by seasoned instructors from the prestigious Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar, the RNA camps offer a unique training experience crafted through years of expertise on the ATP circuit by Rafa Nadal and his dedicated team.


Participants can anticipate a comprehensive program customized for both young aspiring players and adults, seamlessly integrating rigorous tennis sessions with a significant focus on holistic personal development.


Beyond just honing tennis skills, attendees will engage in specialized workshops addressing key aspects such as competitive mindset, sports nutrition, and performance management.


This immersive experience not only promises to elevate on-court performance but also to foster skills that transcend the sport, empowering participants to reach their full potential both on and off the tennis court.


The upcoming RNA camps sessions are scheduled for:


1. Monterrey: Deportivo Alpino Chipinque | April 22th - 26th

2. Salt Lake City: Liberty Hills Center | April 29th – May 3rd

3. Costa Mesa: Costa Mesa Tennis Center | May 6th – 10th

4. Denver: Pinehurst Country Club | May 13th – 17th

5. Indianapolis: West Indy Racquet Club | May 20th – 24th

6. Austin: Southwestern University | May 27th – 31st

7. Gulf Shores: George C Meyer Tennis Center | June 3rd – 7th

8. Quito: Club Rancho San Francisco | June 10th - 14th

9. Atlanta: GGC Tennis Facility | June 10th – 14th

10. Bogotá: Club Los Lagartos | June 17th - 21st

11. Charlotte: Charlotte Indoor Tennis Club | June 17th – 21st

12. San Francisco: The Club at Livermore | June 24th – 28th

13. Chicago: Oak Brook Tennis Center | July 1st – 5th

14. Philadelphia: Swarthmore College | July 8th – 12th

15. Washington DC: The Aspen Hill Club | July 15th – 19th

16. San Diego: Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa | July 22nd – 26th

17. Los Angeles: Jack Kramer Club | July 29th – August 2nd

18. Seattle I: Central Park Tennis Club | August 5th-9th

19. Seattle II: Amy Yee Tennis Center | August 12th-16th

20. Minneapolis: Baseline Tennis Center | August 19th – 23rd


If you need more information you can consult Avanza Sport website or send an e-mail to info@avanzasports.com.

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