The Rafa Nadal Open by Movistar, which kicked off on Tuesday, has made history by becoming the first tournament on the ATP Challenger Tour to employ FoxTenn technology.


The unique system allows the real bounce of the ball (without any need for estimations or simulations) to be determined immediately with 100% effectiveness so that players and fans at the tournament instantly know if the bounce was in or out.


This LIVE technology (without line judges) is now used at over 50 ATP, WTA and ITF tournaments (also used on the World Padel Tour), but it had never been employed on the ATP Challenger Tour. Tests were carried out at the tournament in Phoenix, and this week the Rafa Nadal Open by Movistar has become a tour pioneer.


FoxxTenn technology, which is controlled by 3 people in each match, uses a total of 40 cameras and 20 optical units which analyse 3,000 images per second in each camera, a total 150,000, since every bounce is analysed on every camera. Such is its precision, it is the only technology in the world to be approved by ATP, WTA and ITF tournaments on clay.


“We’ve always championed the use of technology in sport and we’re proud to have become the first Challenger event to implement FoxTenn. The players were surprised and very happy because it’s a system which has no estimation error. It is also proving to be a very interesting experience for the spectators”, said Joan Suasi, Director of the Rafa Nadal Open by Movistar.


For his part, Javier Simón, President of FOXTENN TECHNOLOGIES, was delighted: “We’re so happy to present this revolutionary step in world tennis at the Rafa Nadal Academy. We’re glad two Spanish companies are pioneers in the world tennis industry. The two parties are a perfect fit because while the Rafa Nadal Academy has always been characterised by hard work and innovation, FoxTenn sets itself apart with its spirit in leading an unprecedented technological revolution. We’re very grateful about this collaboration and we’re sure this synergy will be a resounding success”.


Another of the opportunities thrown up by the system is the generation of data and information that allows players to analyse their matches with stats that can prove extremely useful. This data is also shown to fans on television. Therefore, from Thursday until the final on Sunday, fans will be able to enjoy these graphics thanks to the live broadcasts on Movistar+.

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