Max Basing arrived to the Rafa Nadal Academy in 2017 and since then you can see a great improvement in his game. Unfortunately, he had to go through a few injuries that stopped him a few times of playing at his best level of tennis but the beginning of the 2020 season was great for the English player. He started the year with the right foot after winning the first ITF World Tour match of his career at the Rafa Nadal Academy. He followed this first victory becoming the Champion of the Oslo Open ITF World Tennis Tour Junior in February and later winning the ITF World Tour in Mijas. Now he is looking forward to start a new adventure in the United States as he will start his college career very soon at an American University.  


What's  your name? Max Basing 

How old are you? 17

When is your birthday? 02/10/02

Where are you from? Surrey, England 

What is your favorite shot? Backhand 

What is your favorite Grand Slam/tournament? Wimbledon 

What is your favorite court surface? Hard/Grass 

Who is your favorite tennis player? Andy Murray 

What is your favorite movie? Blood Diamond 

And favorite TV show? Prison Break 

What is your favorite book? Rafa (Autobiography)

What are your hobbies? TV Series, football, socialising




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