Rafa Nadal has sent a message of support to all Spaniards, with hope that we can get through the state of emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic as soon as possible.

“These are very difficult times for everyone. This situation is overwhelming us and we are all coping as well as we possibly can from our homes. I wanted to send a message of thanks to the doctors and nurses and all the health personnel who are protecting us, the National Police, the Civil Guard, the Army... To all those who make us feel a little safer, those that are in the line of fire, those that run a higher risk of infection. They are our heroes. I admire everything they do. Thank you so much.

“To all those families that are suffering, for whatever reason, to those that are infected, I wish you strength. I would also like to remember those that have passed away because of the coronavirus. It is difficult to say anything at such a difficult time. I can only say that, like everyone, we are very sorry, that we know we will get through this as soon as possible. There are also positive things. We are showing that we are a united country that is doing everything it has to do. Many companies are doing their part”, concluded Rafa.



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