The Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar opens the month of November by hosting the Kinder Joy of moving Tennis Trophy International Master.

The finals of the 2020 edition, suspended due to the pandemic, and the 2021 edition will be played during this event with the 125 players aged 9 to 12, winners of the national preliminary rounds.


After more than 250 tournaments in 13 countries including Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Poland, Romania and Ukraine, with more than 20,000 young tennis players involved, the Kinder Joy of moving Tennis Trophy celebrates its conclusion.



The winners of the national preliminary rounds of the Kinder Joy of moving Tennis Trophy will experience four days of play, fun and socialization, giving their best on the courts, testing their fairness and integrity, and putting into practice the Fair Play code, whose respect is at the foundation of the whole tournament.

The program also includes extra sporting moments such as the visit to the MUSEUM Xperience inside the Academy and the tour of the Caves of Drach in the east coast of Mallorca. At the end of the Master, the Fair Play Trophy will be awarded to the young tennis player and coach who will most distinguish themselves for honesty and sportsmanship.


The claim of this edition was "More than a trophy": the absence of umpires, the attention to fair play, the focus on friendship and relationship, the participation of parents as active players and the many opportunities for fun, on and off the tennis court, are the unique features that makes the Kinder Joy of moving Tennis Trophy much more than a sporting event.


The tournament was invented in Italy in 2006 by the former tennis player Rita Grande in collaboration with Kinder Joy of moving: it has grown over the years helping to promote an active lifestyle among younger generations also at an international level. It represents one of the main initiatives supported by Kinder Joy of moving, because it fully reflects its mission and philosophy, through the promotion of movement as personal and relational growth.




Kinder Joy of moving

Kinder Joy of moving organizes and supports physical education programs in and out of schools, sporting events for children and school competitions with the aim to guarantee that movement is above all a joy for children.



Kinder Joy of moving operates around the world with high profile, qualified and expert partners, including institutions, ministries, universities, five Olympic Committees, 120 Sporting Federations and Associations, and the ISF (International School Sport Federation).

For more information, visit the official website.

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