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Discover our impressive sports facilities at the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar, a first class space where athletes can train and develop their potential to the fullest. Equipped with the latest technologies and surrounded by an inspiring environment, our facilities are the perfect setting for success in sports.

Tennis and paddle courts

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Inspiring stories from our students and guests

Player of the Total Tennis Camp program

“The Rafa Nadal Academy’s Total Tennis Camp program, with its tailored approach, exceeded all my expectations. An unforgettable tennis experience.”

Parent of Summer Camp Tennis Intensive program attendee

“The Rafa Nadal Academy Summer Camp Tennis Intensive has been an unforgettable experience for my son. The fun and international environment have made this program exceptional for his tennis development.”

Padel program player

“Participating in the padel program at the Rafa Nadal Academy has been an amazing experience. The first-class facilities and the quality of the classes have elevated my game to a whole new level.”

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