Rafa Nadal has always been concerned by the fact that it is difficult to prepare for life as a professional tennis player at the same time as continuing studies and going to university. Many tennis players are forced to leave school before they ever reach the stage where they are ready to take university entry access courses, and this can turn out to be a long-term handicap, limiting their future options. For this reason, Rafa was keen to create an international school that offers the necessary flexibility for tennis and studies to be truly compatible.


Furthermore, Rafa has always been loyal to a set of values that have helped him throughout his career, and which he considers essential for both personal and Athletic development. Incorporating these values to the educational program of the Academy has been a priority since the conception of the project.


The fruit of these concerns is the Rafa Nadal International School, which is situated within the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar and allows athletes to combine tennis and studies. Each student will be prepared to face the university entrance system – including access to American institutions through scholarships. The mission and philosophy of the school incorporate the very values that have propelled Rafa during his career. 




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