Tennis has evolved in many ways. A very important aspect has been the transformation of physical preparation and its growing importance in training and training of players, from an early age.


With changes in materials and physical demands on players facing they have never been so challenging the challenges within the circuit.


The physical preparation of the Academy will be organized on two pillars: coordination capacities and Injury Prevention.

  • Coordinative abilities give students the foundation to make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant. This includes the balance in support, the responsiveness, changes of pace and direction and footwork. These aspects will work in an integrated manner on the track and in physical training sessions, where tasks will be constructed from the actual game, receiving a unique treatment.
  • Injury Prevention is very important in programming Academy section. Tennis is an asymmetrical and aggressive sport that causes imbalances between the muscles and joints. Preventive training, which seeks to minimize these risks, vertebrará on the following aspects: joint mobility exercises, stretching the muscles tend to shorten in order to ease tensions, strengthen the stabilizing muscles of the different joints of the body, including rotators and deep back muscles.


To work on these aspects, the Academy has the latest technology in equipment and machinery physical training.

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