Proper nutrition has an important role in the lives of athletes. Good nutrition practices help to improve their performance and prevent injuries.


The Academy's nutritional program is based on different plans according to stages and the implementation is dependent on the coordination of a team (coaches, physical trainers, physiotherapists, psychologists and doctors), with a focus point to ensure that the student learn and have all the necessary nutrients at any given time. The nutritional plan at the Academy includes:


  1. Evaluation of the nutritional state of the student
  2. Assessment of specific needs
  3. Preparation of healthy, balanced meals with a selection of the best-quality fresh quality products from the island of Mallorca
  4. Hydration before, dureng and after training and competition, taking into account environmental conditions
  5. Assessment of supplementary requirements and ergogenic aids
  6. Support in the recovery from (and prevention of) injuries
  7. Training and education: talks about nutrition and cooking workshops
  8. The Academy has its own kitchen and a team of nutrition chefs and cooks who are experienced in high performance centers

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