Mental strength is very important in overcoming adversity. It is one of the most worked aspects at the Academy, since, as we have alreday mentioned in other ocassions, in Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar, we understand that modern tennis and tennis of the future is played first with the ‘eyes’, then with the ‘mind’, next with the ‘legs’ and finally with the ‘hands’.


Exercises are carried out on and off-court, with the aim of developing the psychological skills of the athlete, enhancing not only their tennis performance but also their ability to perform in other areas of life.


The ability to make quick decisions, think under pressure, and know when to pause and when to act, are important qualities both in sport and in everyday life.


The Academy also has a team of psychologists who accompany the athletes as they participate and supervise the development of their individual work plans and intervene when potential areas for improvement are identified.

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