The Rafa Nadal Academy Traumatology department is led by the prestigious Dr. Ángel Ruiz Cotorro, doctor of the Spanish Tennis Federation and of the Davis Cup & Federation Cup team for more than two decades.

The main goal of Sports Traumatology is to carry out preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative work to reduce the risk of injury and increase safety when playing sports.

The Sports Medicine and Traumatology Unit deals with the study of physical activity and its repercussions on the body. At the Academy, we have a multidisciplinary medical team that includes the most prestigious traumatologists in Barcelona and Madrid. These professionals combine their activity at the Rafa Nadal Academy with collaboration in the medical services of Federations, Clubs and technical teams of elite athletes.



We offer athletes the use of a specialized medical service where continuous assessments of the skills that improve performance are carried out.

We also work to prevent, identify and treat injuries early so that players can get back on the court soon as possible. All this is done along with a study of the musculoskeletal system, diagnostic imaging and regenerative therapies, with the aim of providing the highest quality and most complete service possible.

The incorporation of Dr. Cotorro to the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar ensures our players will receive the best follow-up for sports-related injury prevention and recovery.




Still don't know our Health Packs?

The HEALTH PACKS of the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar offer a comprehensive and multidisciplinary service to promote the best medical conditions for playing sports, implementing healthy sports habits and providing a quality response to possible injuries.

Our agreement with the Quirón Salud medical center ensures we have the best professionals in the sports and health field at our disposal, as well as state-of-the-art technology for the detection of injuries and the application of advanced sports physiotherapy techniques.

We offer different health and wellness experiences to meet the needs of all our customers. Find out more!

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