Sports nutrition is a relatively new specialty in professional and amateur sports. However, it has an increasingly important impact on the performance of athletes. Maintaining a diet adapted to the physical activity and metabolism of each athlete is a key component in obtaining improvements in sports performance.

At the Academy, we adapt nutritional plans to the individual needs of each player, assessing aspects such as sports specialty, periodization and/or training thresholds. When preparing the Menus we also consider vegetarian options, cultural preferences and personal tastes.

Our team of nutritionists, led by Gemma Bes, analyzes the clinical history of each player, performs Bioimpedance studies to determine body composition and assesses nutritional preferences to create an appropriate nutritional plan for each athlete. Subsequently, it carries out an individualized follow-up.



Still don't know our Health Packs?

The HEALTH PACKS of the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar offer a comprehensive and multidisciplinary service to promote the best medical conditions for playing sports, implementing healthy sports habits and providing a quality response to possible injuries.

Our agreement with the Quirón Salud medical center ensures we have the best professionals in the sports and health field at our disposal, as well as state-of-the-art technology for the detection of injuries and the application of advanced sports physiotherapy techniques.

We offer different health and wellness experiences to meet the needs of all our customers. Find out more!


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