Sports Physiotherapy is a specialty of physiotherapy through which we seek better care, rehabilitation and injury prevention. Its main goals are to shorten recovery times, adapt the body to training, avoid risk factors, assess the situation of the injury, prevent injuries and improve the quality of training.

At the Rafa Nadal Academy, we have high-end, multidisciplinary equipment such as INDIBA, Ultrasound (Siemens), EME, Hyperice and a high level of knowledge in manual therapies and dressings to ensure the correct approach to each type of injury.

In addition, we have the technical support of Quirón Salud for any type of diagnostic imaging.



Sports readaptation aims to plan the entire process of returning to competition for an athlete who has suffered an injury. It is the link between the biological healing of the injury and the optimal state of the athlete to compete again without restrictions in the shortest possible time while minimizing the risk of suffering a recurrence (which would be more serious than the previous injury).


The return to competitive play must be carried out progressively, with planning and individualization of training being necessary to avoid subsequent injuries due to compensation at the anatomical and functional levels.


At the Academy, we have state-of-the-art machinery and techniques to carry out the following tests and treatments:

  • Isokinetic Strength Assessments: These measure muscular force exerted dynamically over a given range of motion, at a constant, programmable rate. This type of assessment allows for maximum muscle tension to be generated throughout the range of motion, as the resistance varies to accommodate the muscle tension produced at various points in the range of motion.

    The isokinetic test allows the strength and muscular power generated by the different muscle groups of the shoulder, hip, knee and ankle joints to be assessed objectively. It also determines if the muscle force generated by the patient or athlete is within normal ranges in relation to their sex, weight and age. The results obtained tell us if a person can start or go back to playing their sports safely.


  • Alter G treadmill: Thisis an anti-gravity treadmill, hermetically sealed and filled with air, which allows you to run at different speeds and inclines with reduced body weight. In this manner, we can apply an optimal load that maximizes healing and remodeling of the injured tissues, avoiding impact.

    The amount of body weight (BW) reduced can range from a slight reduction (90% BW) to 20% BW. Manipulating these variables (speed, incline, and % of BW) provides optimal effects on the morphology and mechanical properties of the musculoskeletal system. It allows for a progressive or gradual return to impact activity in lower extremity injuries such as stress fractures, and cartilage, ligament and muscle injuries.


  • Sports cryotherapy 4l/s "Cryosense": the Cryosense cold chamber has been specially developed for sports use. It is a decisive element of support for recovering from injuries and also helps to increase the physical performance of athletes. Cryotherapy for athletes is carried out in cabins that allow very low temperatures to be reached through the use of evaporated liquid nitrogen (between -110ºC to -196ºC) for 2-3 minutes in a controlled environment. This process involves a decrease in the temperature of the skin below +5ºC without affecting the body's core temperature.


  • Cryotherapy/contrast baths: Contrast baths are an excellent therapy to control inflammation in the face of injury, especially in the extremities. This technique consists of alternately immersing the injured limb in cold water and hot water. Among its benefits, we can highlight:
    • Increased blood flow.
    • The stimulation of vasodilation (increase in blood vessels) and vasoconstriction (decrease in the diameter of blood vessels).
    • The cleaning of tissues.
    • The reduction of edema.
    • Mobilization and stimulation of the autonomic nervous system.
    • The soaks are alternated for a total of up to 15 minutes, with the first and last soak in cold water. Ideally, baths are repeated 3 times a day.




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The HEALTH PACKS of the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar offer a comprehensive and multidisciplinary service to promote the best medical conditions for playing sports, implementing healthy sports habits and providing a quality response to possible injuries.

Our agreement with the Quirón Salud medical center ensures we have the best professionals in the sports and health field at our disposal, as well as state-of-the-art technology for the detection of injuries and the application of advanced sports physiotherapy techniques.

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