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The Cryosense cold chamber has been specially developed for sports use. It is a decisive support element in the recovery of injuries and also helps to increase the physical performance of athletes. Cryotherapy for athletes takes place in cabins that allow very low temperatures (between -110ºC to -196ºC) to be reached using evaporated liquid nitrogen for 2-3 minutes in a controlled environment. This process involves a decrease in skin temperature below +5ºC without affecting the body's core temperature.



  • 3 sessions of Sports Cryotherapy 4l/s “Cryosense”


* Only for adults over 18 years old.

**The Cryotherapy Pack is only compatible with the following programs: Total Tennis Full & Half Week, Total Padel Full & Half Week, Total Tennis doubles Full & Half Week, Learn to compete
Total Tennis Plus, Christmas Camp, Toni Nadal Camp and Stay&Play (with a minimum stay of 3 nights between Monday and Friday).


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