The prestige of the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar was built with a detailed methodology designed by the coaching team that has taken Rafa Nadal to the pinnacle of the professional tour. Led by Toni Nadal himself, the large team of experienced coaches seeks to maximize the players' strengths in order to get the best out of each of them, both on and off the court.



Through the implementation of this methodology, the coaches at the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar prepare the young players to immerse themselves in the future of tennis by applying personalised training systems and combining them with the characteristics that have set Rafa and his winning spirit apart.



Firstly, the improvement of technique using strokes and footwork. Then, the understanding of the game through tactics, a competitive mindset and knowing how to learn from victories and defeats by means of managing emotions, humility, respect and good sportsmanship and body language. Finally, an increase in intensity through mobility and anticipation, concentration, hard work and determination.



The coaching staff at the academy responsible for implementing this methodology is directed by Toni Nadal and coordinated by the Head Coaches: Marc Górriz, Joan Bosch and Gabriel Urpí. Under their supervision, the Lead Coaches are each responsible for one of the groups of players organised by standard and age.



As well as the daily training sessions, the Academy designs an optimal competition calendar that allows the tennis players to be able to combine their activities on the tour with their school activities at the Rafa Nadal International School. While the tournaments form part of the players' lives, the Academy understands that the most important thing is to see training as a competition. Once this goal has been achieved, the young tennis players are considered ready to play in suitable tournaments for their age group and standard. In addition, the coaches make sure that each player also completes their academic tasks during competition weeks.


The end goal is for every player to learn and, therefore, improve as a tennis player and as a person, by means of a positive experience and being aware that, although daily work is not always gratifying, hard work every day is the only way to achieve the goals.

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