Rafa Nadal has traveled to Greece to visit and get to know the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre located in Sani Resort, a leading tourist destination located on the Halkidiki peninsula. During his visit, Rafa has had the opportunity to visit its 8 clay courts where since 2018 tennis programs for players of all ages and all levels are taught.


During his stay Rafa has been very satisfied with the operation of the sports center: "The truth is that I was really looking forward to finally come to Greece, but my schedule and COVID had had made it impossible. Toni, Carlos Moya, Carlos Costa and the whole team had told me wonderful things about the center, and they were right. I think the quality of the whole facility is spectacular and I think it's an incredible place to play tennis and enjoy a great holidays. But I think what makes the difference is the great values of the people who are here on a daily basis. We have had an excellent relationship for many years and for me working with people who share our values is essential."


The goal of the Rafa Nadal Tennis Center is to offer high quality tennis training so that players and guests can receive classes through different personalized programs while enjoying their vacations at Sani Resort. These programs have been developed and implemented by the technical team of the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar thanks to the experience acquired during Rafa Nadal's successful sports career.

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