Rafa Nadal is keeping a close eye on the expansion work at the Rafa Nadal Academy By Movistar, which is currently in progress in Manacor. Before travelling to France to compete in the Paris Bercy Masters 1000, he had the chance to see the construction of a new indoor building that will house 3 new indoor hard courts and 7 covered clay courts. He also had the chance to take a look at the progress of the new spaces that will be used for fitness training, physiotherapy, psychology, nutrition and sports medicine, which will all form part of the new construction.



Rafa himself had the following to say about the growth of a project that began four years ago: “It’s clear that one of our outstanding tasks was to finish strengthening the complex. We already had high-quality facilities, but I believe that when the expansion is finished we’ll have a centre that will represent a decisive leap in quality. We’re going to increase the number of clay courts and indoor courts, which was a pending issue and very important for providing an optimal service. The adults who come here for one week will be certain they can train and also the boys and girls who are here throughout the year, who will now not miss any days of training. This means that now, in total, we will have ten indoor courts, which will give us great peace of mind in every sense in order to provide a better service and also mean that organising events is much more straight forward. It’s a very significant investment, but a totally necessary one. I think that it will represent a leap in quality that everyone will benefit from: children, adults and all the people that come to visit the Academy”.


Once the expansion is completed, the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar will boast first-rate sports infrastructures for the use of both the international public and Mallorcans. After the expansion, due to be completed in the coming months, the complex will have the following facilities:


  • 19 outdoor hard courts
  • 15 outdoor clay courts (7 of which will be constructed in 2021)
  • 4 indoor hard courts
  • 7 covered clay courts
  • 1 football pitch
  • 7 outdoor padel courts
  • 6 indoor padel courts
  • 1 Padbol court
  • 2 squash courts
  • 1 semi-Olympic swimming pool
  • 1 outdoor pool
  • Fitness Centre
  • Spa


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