The rivalry between Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer includes a special chapter at Roland Garros, with the Spaniard inarguably dominating. On the clay of the Philippe Chatrier, they have met six times, from their first meeting there in 2005 to last season’s clash. The result, always in the late stages of the competition (4 finals and 2 semi-finals), has always been the same: victory for Rafa. Not only does the Manacor native lead their head-to-head 6-0, he also enjoys the privilege of being the only player to have taken a set to love from the Swiss player in a final. That came in 2008, when he produced a perfect match to win 6-1, 6-3, 6-0.


All the Nadal vs Federer clashes at the French Open

SF 2019. Nadal d. Federer 63 64 62

F 2011. Nadal d. Federer 75 76 57 61

F 2008. Nadal d. Federer 61 63 60

F 2007. Nadal d. Federer 63 46 63 64

F 2006. Nadal d. Federer 16 61 64 76

SF 2005. Nadal d. Federer 63 46 64 63


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