During his stay at the Rafa Nadal Academy in Kuwait, Rafa held a minute's silence in memory of Manolo Santana. Apart from being a legend and pioneer of Spanish tennis, Manolo was always by Rafa's side during the important moments of his career and he became a constant source of support.


In the company of his team and everyone present in Kuwait, Rafa paid tribute to Manolo with a video of career highlights that was projected onto the screens on centre court.


In addition, shortly before taking to the court to play with some members of the Rafa Nadal Academy Kuwait, he wanted to send a message of condolence from a distance to Santana's family and loved ones with a video that he published on social media.



“I'd like to send this message to all of Manolo's family. They are saying farewell to him in Madrid, unfortunately I cannot be there with you and you cannot imagine how sad it makes me to be in Kuwait and not have a chance to join you on a sad day like today. You all know how much Manolo means to me, all the affection and deep admiration I have for him. We shared so many things over the years that this is a very hard day for Spanish sport and for all of us who really knew him. Manolo was a role model in so many ways and above all he leaves us with an eternal legacy. Because of all this, and much more, all I can say is 'Thank you, Manolo' and send a message of support to his whole family. My warmest condolences to everyone”, concluded Rafa.

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