Since its beginnings in 2016, the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar’s international outlook has led it to take its training methodology to various corners of the planet. The expansion to Kuwait with its first academy outside of Spain was a key milestone in the development and implementation of sports programmes outside of Mallorca, but this internationalisation has also been implemented in the form of another model that has helped grow the sport among children and adults with a different kind of sports centre.


Therefore, and in response to the demand in the sports tourism sector, the “Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre” (RNTC) was conceived as a new line of sports centres to complement the Rafa Nadal Academies in Mallorca and Kuwait. These tennis complexes are located within high-end holiday resorts at internationally popular destinations. After the opening of the first Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre in the Mexican Caribbean (Costa Mujeres), and the RNTC on the Halkidiki peninsula (one of the biggest tourist destinations in Greece), today the upcoming inauguration of the next RNTC, in Hong Kong, was officially announced.


This new tennis centre is born of the synergy achieved with the Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy (HKGTA), a prestigious sports centre, the tennis aspect of which will be implemented with seal of the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre and will run tennis programmes designed with the RNA methodology and with coaches from Mallorca who have moved to the Asian country.


Rafa Nadal himself is very excited about the inauguration of the project, which will take place in less than three months: “We’re very excited about this new international project in Hong Kong. Since the academy opened in Mallorca 5 years ago, we have always been interested in expanding our methodology to other countries in order to reach as many people as possible. To us, having trusted members is essential and therefore I would like to thank the HKGTA for their great confidence in the project. The facilities are spectacular and we’ll have great coaches at the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre. I’m sure it will be a success and that, bit by bit, we’ll be able to continue our international expansion”.


The goal of the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre in Hong Kong will be to offer high-quality tennis coaching that helps promote the sport in the country thanks to the various personalised programmes designed to suit the profiles of the players. These programmes have been developed as part of an exclusive training system, based on the successful experience acquired by Rafa Nadal and his coaching staff over almost 20 years on the professional tour.


The sports seed planted in Mallorca has now germinated in Kuwait, Mexico, Greece and Hong Kong. The goal is to perpetuate the international expansion so that the tennis and human spirit of Rafa Nadal can permeate more countries in the years to come

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