The players training at the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre in the Sani Resort (Greece) were given a spectacular surprise when they were visited by Carlos Moyà and had the opportunity to train and play with him during a week that is sure to become one of the most memorable tennis experiences of their lives.


“It’s the first time I’ve been here and it won’t be the last”, said the ex-world number 1 and member of Rafa Nadal’s coaching team, who shared his knowledge with all the fans who enjoyed listening to his advice throughout the week. As well as supervising training, Moyà delighted the fans by playing a short exhibition match with Konstantinos Economidis, the Greek ex-tennis player who reached number 112 in the ATP ranking.


Located within the Sani Resort (a stunning 5-star complex of over 400 hectares) the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre comprises 8 clay courts on which tennis programs for players of all ages and standards are taught. As Carlos Moyà himself was able to observe, the goal of these centres is to offer high-quality tennis coaching so that guests and local residents can play and take classes as part of the various personalised programs. These programs have been developed from an exclusive training system which is based on the successful experience acquired by Rafa Nadal and his coaching staff during more than 15 years on the professional tour.


Rafa’s coach and the technical director of the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar admitted he found the visit very enjoyable: “I’m having one of the best experiences I can remember, as I came here with my wife and children and being here has allowed me to do so many activities with them. Going to the beach, adventure activities, zip lines, football, cycling. I think I’ll need another trip to try the resort’s 24 restaurants. I believe this is the perfect place for all tennis lovers, as the training methodology at the Academy is the same as the one we have in Manacor and the coaches are world class. I haven’t left yet and I’m already looking forward to coming back next year”.


In 2018, Carlos Moyá had the chance to visit the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre in Costa Mujeres (Mexico) and to gain first-hand experience of the concept at these sports centres, which were conceived as a new line to complement the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar in Mallorca. These new tennis complexes are located in high-end holiday resorts in first-class international destinations. At this site, the Sani Resort offers a wide range of leisure activities to complement the quality of its prestigious restaurants and idyllic beaches.


Now consolidated as one of the Mediterranean’s most important holiday destinations, the Sani Resort is located less than one hour from Thessaloniki, one of Europe’s culture capitals. Its wide range of leisure activities and spectacular surroundings will provide added value so that all tennis fans making the trip to the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre can enjoy their holidays in paradise while they improve their technique and enjoy a luxury resort with all the comforts imaginable.

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