Rafa Nadal is a great host, without a shadow of a doubt. In fact, he was quick to express how happy it makes him that the Academy is able to stage an event like the Rafa Nadal by Sotheby’s International Realty. “I’m so excited that the tournament can be held here again this year, at the Academy. It means a lot to us to be able to enjoy a week of high-quality tennis where you can watch global players”, said the player the event is named after.


So, what does it mean to the players to play this event in Manacor and to be able to win a title at ‘Rafa’s home’? Some of those that have participated in the Rafa Nadal by Sotheby’s International Realty have been full of praise about their time at an event that is gaining importance on the ATP Challenger Tour calendar.


Andy Murray (2019): “I’ve been here several times now, but the Academy wasn’t completely finished. It’s a chance to be here again, the hotel is really good, the gym is really well equipped and in terms of the competition, we’re really lucky to have everything so close. They’re doing a fantastic job”.


Pablo Andújar (2018): “The facilities are spectacular, the museum is really beautiful, everything here measures up to the name of Rafa. We’re probably at the best centre in all of Spain and for all the players in the draw here, it’s an honour to participate. Everything is designed for the player and their family; the closeness of the courts, the restaurant and the room is everyone’s dream during the tournament. I really think it’s a spectacular academy and with Rafa as the “boss” it wouldn’t surprise me if everything were perfect”.


Carlos Alcaraz (2019): “The facilities are stunning, the rooms and courts are amazing, I can only summarise it by saying everything is amazing”.


Fernando Verdasco (2021): “I’ve known Rafa since he was 14 and since then our careers have been parallel, coinciding at every tournament for 20 years. I’m very happy to be here for the first time since the Academy opened and we’re lucky to have the fans that come here to cheer us on”.


Lukas Lacko (2021): “If I compare the standard of this tournament with the other Challengers, it is very high here. I wasn’t expecting this level of organisation and facilities, I’m really impressed with everything that happens here, the tournament should have a higher category. Everything here is spectacular”.


Carlos Berlocq (2019): “It’s incredible to be here at Rafa’s academy, he’s my sporting hero and I’ve been lucky enough to play him on several occasions. I’d like to thank the tournament because they’ve treated me amazingly ever since I arrived, here you feel as if you’re at a Grand Slam”.


Matteo Viola (2019): “This tournament is very important to me, as always I’m going to give 100%. I’m very happy and I hope to be able to play many more matches here in Mallorca because I really like it”.

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