The Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar and the Spanish Padel Federation have designed a new Technification Campus aimed at players between 12 and 18 years old who are looking for a high-performance experience with padel training adapted to their level.


The Campus will take place in Mallorca from August 14th to 21st, 2022. The Rafa Nadal Academy will open its doors to all young people who wish to enjoy an unforgettable experience in one of the best high-performance sports centers in the world.


The methodology applied in training has been developed jointly by the padel coaches of the Academy, the Spanish Federation and the Balearic Islands Federation thanks to their extensive experience in training players from children's categories to professionals. Our coaches have reflected this training system in the technical sessions on campus and will be in charge of transmitting it to all the participants. In addition, they will also carry out a level test on the players before the start of the program to assign them a training group according to their level of play.


Padel Camp players will improve their technique, physical condition and skills on the court while enjoying multiple recreational activities in an incomparable setting like Mallorca.


The Campus also aims to educate attendees through sport through entertaining hands-on activities that make up the “Building a Champion” program. Thanks to sessions given by teachers from the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar, young athletes will receive training on nutrition, physical preparation and values ​​such as effort, humility, tolerance, patience, respect and integrity.


The Padel Camp of the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar will be a unique opportunity for padel, fun, leisure and values ​​to come together through a campus where young people from all over the world will coexist.


We are waiting for you to share a unique experience!


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